Getting Started with Dante

Official Audinate Video Training Series

Part 1: Dante Overview of the Getting Started training series
  • Moving from analog to digital networking
  • Working with Dante products from multiple manufacturers
  • Dante performance
  • Basic network equipment requirements for Dante
  • Basic networking knowledge and Dante
Part 2. A Simple Dante Network
  • Creating a basic network with Dante devices and a network switch
  • Discovery of Dante devices
  • Routing signals with Dante Controller
  • Auto-reconnect of subscriptions between power cycles
Part 3: Dante Controller
  • Automatic discovery of connected Dante devices
  • Navigating the Dante Controller interface
  • Routing signals
  • Split signals
  • Naming devices and audio channels
  • Clocking basics
Part 4. Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • What is Dante Virtual Soundcard?
  • Stopping and starting Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • ASIO and WDM drivers for Windows
  • Configuring Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • Dante Virtual Soundcard demonstration: multitrack recording
Part 5: Networking Basics for Audio
  • IP addresses
  • DHCP
  • Names vs. addresses
  • Quality of Service (QoS) settings on switches
  • Choosing a network switch
Part 6. Dante Clocking Basics
  • How Dante clocking compares to legacy digital audio
  • Dante clock roles and elections
  • Clock failure modes
  • Configuring Clock behaviors in Dante Controller
  • Using external clocks

Part 7: Unicast and Multicast Transport

  • Understanding Unicast and Multicast on IP networks
  • Best practices for use of Multicast
  • Configuring Multicast with Dante Controller
Part 8. Dante Redundancy

How Dante Redundancy works
Configuring a redundant network
Best practices for redundancy


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