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SFP MADI Multimode Module + Unlock Code

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Extends the PULSE16 with additional 64 in and 64 out MADI channels. You will buy the SFP module as MULTIMODE and MULTIMODE Software.


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SFP MADI optical module MULTIMODE


+ Software

On this page You can Add to Cart the SFP module as MULTIMODE and MULTIMODE Software. If You need SINGLEMODE please follow this link.

Please note, that the SINGLEMODE and MULTIMODE standards are not compatible, especially the cables differ. Please also only use modules from FERROFISH, since modules from other manufacturers may not work correctly, and are excluded from warranty. Before you buy, ensure, that the standard the unit on the other side uses is identical.


  • SFP module MULTIMODE
  • LC – SC Cable
  • Unlock code (You tell us the Serial number and you get the Unlock code.)
  • Surprise


The PULSE16 can be upgraded with an optical MADI I/O SFP module via the integrated SFP port and turns the Pulse16 into a Pulse16 MX. The module is available in 2 versions: MADI Multimode and Singlemode.

The same SFP module is used for the VERTO MX, so this device can be easily changed to MADI Singlemode.


The upgrade adds the following features:

  • Extends the PULSE16 with additional 64 in and 64 out MADI channels.
  • All 16 x 16 analog channels can be used and converted to digital MADI and ADAT with sample rates up to 192 kHz. The ADAT ports can be used with 192 kHz (SMUX/4 = 8 channels).
  • 32 ADAT I/Os can be used for conversion/routing from/to MADI.

Ferrofish AD/DA Converters in Comparison

The MADI Upgrade consists of two parts:

The Ferrofish MADI SFP Module with LC connector (Multimode or Singlemode).
Only genuine Ferrofish MADI SFP modules are supported.
Unlock code: The code comes with the SFP module, purchased directly from FERROFISH.


Please contact us directly for the module and the additional upgrade code.

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