Use this comparison table when you need to make a decision that involves considering multiple audio Inputs and Outputs, Standard types (MADI, ADAT etc.) or connection types of our AD/DA converters.

Pulse16Pulse16 MXPulse16 DXA32A32 Dante
Max. Sample Rate92 kHz192 kHz192 kHz192 kHz192 kHz
Bit Depth24 Bit24 Bit24 Bit24 Bit24 Bit
Connection6,3 mm balanced jack6,3 mm balanced jack6,3 mm balanced jackD-Sub 25D-Sub 25
Analog In1616163232
Analog Out1616163232
Input Gain-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu
Output Level-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu-10dBV to +20dBu
Analog I/O Level StagingdigitaldigitaldigitalHybridHybrid
Headphones Out11111
ADAT I/O44444
MADI (LWL)optional Update
Dante I/O
Wordclock I/O
Aktive Jitter Elimination
MIDI-over-MADIoptional Update
Routing Matrix
Internal Mixer
Preset Management
Redundant Power Supply