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Mixer DSP Plugin

0,0049,95 "inc. 16% VAT"

The Mixer DSP Plugin enables routing the stereo output of one of the six submixes

(which are also used for the headphones) to a analog stereo output. Trial or Full version available.

Video Clock plugin

0,00179,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

The Video Clock Plugin generates a special clock signal on the BNC wordclock output of the A32 (Dante).

This signal can be uses for video applications.

A32 Dante

2.930,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

The A32 Dante is not just a converter – it’s also the ultimate problem solver thanks to its incredible flexibility. Overall, the A32 Dante processes 384 channels, all highly integrated into a 1HU rack unit.


1.959,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

A32 MADI & ADAT Converter. Packed into a compact 1HU, the highly integrated converter is equipped with 32 x 32 balanced analog channels, brought out on 8 D-SUB connectors.

Pulse16 DX

1.959,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

Packed in a just 1HU, this highly integrated converter has 16 x 16 balanced analog TRS sockets using studio levels up to +20dBu – individually adjustable in 1dB steps.

Pulse16 MX

1.093,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

The PULSE16 MX offers maximum performance at affordable cost. Studio-quality 16 x 16 balanced analog inputs and outputs up to 192kHz, the PULSE16 MX offers both ADAT and MADI.


916,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

The PULSE16 converts 16 x 16 studio-grade balanced analog inputs and outputs up to 96kHz to ADAT I/O. As a cost-effective and mature interface. Maximum quality. Most affordable.

Verto MX

1.379,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

With the Verto MX it’s now possible to easily integrate your existing beloved MADI equipment into a Dante network. Make MADI future-proof:
Plug it to Dante.

Verto 64

1.229,00 "inc. 16% VAT"

With the Verto 64 it’s now possible to easily integrate up to 64 x 64 channels via ADAT into a Dante network. The Verto 64 makes all channels immediately avalilable in the network: “plug and play”.