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A bundle consisting of A32 Single Mode converter and XLR Cable Snake Set. 04x DB25 <> 8x XLR male cable snake – 04x DB25 <> 8x XLR female cable snake

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Buy Bundle – A32 Single Mode (A-Stock) + XLR BREAKOUT CABLE Set

On this page You can “Add to Cart” A32 Single Mode Converter in bundle with XLR BREAKOUT CABLE Set. Note: if you want to read more details about individual products, please follow the “Product Page” link below each product.


You are about to order a model with optical MADI transceivers in SINGLEMODE configuration. This configuration is very rare and often used by specialized gear (e.g. broadcast). Most optical tranceivers on the market for MADI are using MULTIMODE. If you are unsure please contact your support.

The A32 is packed with analog and digital interfaces. In addition to the 32×32 balanced studio-quality analog inputs and outputs up to 192kHz, the A32 offers both ADAT and MADI – probably the most widely used digital audio interfaces available. In addition to the optical MADI I/O, another coaxial MADI interface is also added. Different modes allow redundant operation of both interfaces: If one fails, the other one is activated automatically.

04x DB25 <> 8x XLR male BREAKOUT CABLE
04x DB25 <> 8x XLR female BREAKOUT CABLE

DB25 male – Product PageDB25 female – Product Page

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 27 × 48 × 44 cm